Port of Viveiro


Marina Viveiro


Avda. de Ramón Canosa s/n
27850 Viveiro – LUGO
Telfs. +34 690 604 452 · +34 881 920 482
Fax + 34 981 228 181
www.marinacoruna.es · www.marinaviveiro.es
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NAUTICAL CHARTS: IHM 4082, 932, 931, 40 - Coordinates: 43º 40’N 007º 36’W


Between Punta do Faro Punta to the east and Punta So- castro 1 M away to the west is the mouth of the Viveiro Ria, which runs north to south in a V-shape and ends up gradually disappearing in the valley of the River Landro. There is a canal at the mouth of this river that will take us to the marina. The shores of the Viveiro Ria are clean, steep and high enough to provide good shelter from the winds from the 3rd and 4th quadrant on its western side, and the from the NE and east on its east. We can navigate very close to the coast. The seabed is mostly sand. Located before the canal that enters the Viveiro marina are Celeiro’s important commercial and finishing facilities. The current in the Landro canal can be intense, reaching three knots at spring tides.

Marks. Arrival in port.

1678 Punta da Roncadoira lighthouse.
D-1679_1 Punta do Faro lighthouse. The Viveiro Ria. 1684 Isla Coelleira lighthouse.
1681 Celeiro lighthouse. Breakwater tip.
The jetty of the Port of Celeiro is the best mark for reaching the Landro canal and the marina in Viveiro. We pass round the tip of the jetty with the required care. To our port side, we see the Celeiro’s southern pier and, a little further away at 400 m to the south, is the head of the dock for the River Landro canal and the beginning of the entrance canal. The River Landro’s canal has an 80 m mouth. The first bearing heads towards the south- east; we navigate 0.25 M heading south some 300 m and at port side we are at the mouth of the marina in Viveiro. Accessing the marina presents no difficulties as the canal is dredged to 3 m.


Roads: National 642 from Ribadeo to Ferrol. Regional road C 640 towards Vilalba - Lugo. Trains: Viveiro Station. Tel FEVE: +34 982 550 722. Buses: Viveiro-Celeiro Bus Station, connection with Galicia and Asturias. Tel: +34 982 551 177. Airports: A Coruña (Alvedro) 140 km away. Tel: +34 981 187 200. Santiago Airport (Lavacolla) 170 km away. Tel: +34 981 547 501. Airport: Vigo (Peinador) 220 km away. tel.: +34 986 268 200.


Abundant archaeological remains. There are still gates standing from the remains of its walls: the enclosure wall gate, of Romanesque origin; the town wall gate, built in 1217; and the castle bridge gate. The Romanesque style left behind significant traces, some of the most noteworthy being the churches of San Pedro, Santa María and the old mo- nastery church of San Francisco. Viveiro is the largest population centre on the coast of Lugo. It has a marina and fishing port. Due to its location and its exceptional position, it is considered one of Galicia’s finest ports, which is shown by the large number of vessels from across Europe who come to this port. It is the tourism, commercial and administra- tive centre of the area known as the ‘Mariña Lucense’. Of great artistic importance, any visit to this town that we might plan must, inevitably, begin by passing through any of the three gates that are still preserved in the old walls. Its Holy Week religious processions are famous.


Moorings: 235
Max. Length: 20 m
Depth Máx.: 3 m
Port mouth: 80 m




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